Rasmita Taylert

Tampa, FL

Avila Golf & Country Club

My philosophy is unique I believe every golfer can improve their game. Each swing is unique and each golfer learns in a slightly different way. It is important to teach students the positive "feels" they need to improve their ball striking and lower their scores.
-Understand their own golf swing
-Improve their ball flight
-Gain more distance
-Improve their short game and scoring
-Know what 'feel' they need to have to make a good swing
-Improve their impact position
-Develop a repeatable swing -Learn how to perform under pressure -Have more confidence
-Develop their course management
-Have a better attitude -See lower scores
-Have more FUN!

Rasmita Taylert
  • LPGA T&CP Class A Member

  • US Kids Golf Certified Instructor

  • PGA Jr. League- Captain