Liz Gentile

Fairfield, CT

Fairchild Wheeler GC

I explain the golf swing and what it really takes to get the ball to fly to your intended target.

I will quickly identify the swing faults that are holding you back and point you to the way forward towards better ball hitting.

Most importantly, I will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals for a better, more enjoyable, golf experience.

I am here to help you get better!

  • LPGA Class A Teaching Professional

My career began in Florida where I learned to play golf to become a tournament player. I was a 23 year old athlete under the impression that I could learn this game in no time flat. It took me over four years - and hitting thousands of golf balls to become good enough to compete as a pro. Longer than I wanted but it was a good lesson and that is why to this day I can appreciate what goes into establishing a strong, dependable golf game.

After a short but enjoyable period playing tournament golf I moved to New York in 1981 to teach golf in the Metropolitan New York area. The many years I taught in the Met area provided great experiences for me. I now share my playing and teaching and knowledge with a wide and diverse following at my present location, Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course in Fairfield, CT.

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